Available Services


Patrol Services

Our premium patrol services are available at competitive monthly rates. Sentry Security patrols consist of an unmistakably marked patrol car and a professional security officer in full uniform.

All reports are electronically logged in real-time and every patrol vehicle is GPS tracked

Our officers understand the importance of customer service and the importance of being visible and noticed by everyone on your property. We will stop, greet, question and ID anyone who might be out during the late night or early morning hours. Good customer service goes a long way in prevention.

Our objective is to prevent vandalism and crime from happening in the first place. At night you will see us coming and the bad guys will know we are there.

All of our patrol cars are company owned and insured. We will never send an officer to your site in a privately owned vehicle.

Nightly Patrol

  • 3 times per night
  • 7 days per week
  • Lock ups
  • Check Leasing
  • Etc.

Dedicated Patrol

  • Assigned specifically to your property
  • Assigned specifically to your HOA
  • 6h Minimum Shift
  • No less then 30h per week


Standing Guard


Our Standing Guard Services pricing is based on the type of services required. We will provide Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Officers depending on your specific needs. Our officers are always courteous and professional. Our uniforms are not tactical SWAT style uniforms and our officers are dependable and approachable. You can expect a professional security officer to be assigned to your property.

Whether you require a highly visible uniformed officer to keep the peace or someone to keep an eye on your properties, we have the most professional and dedicated officers available.

Our officers work with us long term, turnover is very low and in 2019 more than 75% of the company will have been employed with Sentry for more than 2 years. That says a lot about who we are. 

Guard Services

  • Armed or Unarmed
  • Minimum 6h Shift
  • Minimum 24h per week
  • Combination of Standing and Patrol Services 
  • Off-Duty police officers

Personal Protection Officer

  • Highly trained plain clothes officer.

Temp. Services

  • No/Short Notice
  • Less then 30 Days
  • Less then 24h per week


Only Sentry Security Offers

  • Video Recording of every patrol hit
  • GPS tracking of every patrol car
  • All electronic real-time reporting
  • Searchable online real time reports
  • True automated delivery of electronic reporting
  • Metrics and statistics
  • Onsite dispatch operations